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CS50/55/70 Lights*

The CS50/CS55 has 3 indicator lights: Red on the left, Green in the middle, Orange on the right.

Red: This is the power light - it should always be on. This is the light we want to make flash when doing a resubscription.

Green: This is your "On Indicator" light. When your headset is turned on you will see a solid green light on the base and a flashing green light on the headset.

Orange (Amber): Charge light. When the light is flashing the headset is charging, when the light is solid the headset is fully charged.

*Note on the Charging Light - The headset light is based more on a timer than on a full charge - this means if you have a solid yellow light and you take the headset out of the charger for even a second, then when you place the headset back in the charger the light will continue to flash for at least a 1/2 hour more.