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CS50/55 Has an Interference Buzz (DISCONTINUED)

You can tell if a buzz is caused by interference if the sound of the buzz changes when a Customer changes the position of the base unit

Try moving the base as far away from the phone as possible

This will, at the very least, decrease the volume of the buzzing and may completely get rid of it. It can also be getting interference from other devices (e.g. monitor, cell phone, wireless keyboard or mouse....)

Turn down the volume on the your phone system in the handset receiver, this can also filter out the noise heard in the headset. This sometimes decreases buzzing

You may need an RFI Filter cable.

This is designed to filter out the buzzing being heard

You can find the RF Filter in FileMaker as


or the Part Description and Part Number

Plantronics RF Filter P/N# 70584-01 which is $9.95 US Dollars/$15.95 CAD

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