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CS50/55 Not Connecting or Giving Audio?


Try these wonderful steps.

1) Make sure the headset is fully charged and the Charging Base has a solid red light. It takes 3 hours to fully charge the CS50. The amber light on the base will be solid when the headset is fully charged

2) Make sure the compatibility dial (located on the left hand side of the charger) is set correctly

Common Compat settings:

For most phones - 1

AT&T Merlin - 2 or 3

Cisco IP - 3 or 4 (in headset jack)

Check for Dial Tone

3) Verify the connections:

a) TEL cord should be going from HANDSET or HEADSET port on the phone to the TEL port under the base (has a picture of an entire telephone)

b) If going through handset port on phone, the curly cord should go into the bottom of hds base where there is a picture of just a handset receiver.

b) Make sure the handset is off the hook when trying to get a dial tone on the headset. or make sure hds button is pushed if going through headset jack

Check for Dial Tone

4) Make sure headset is turned on (green light will come on in front of the base)

5) Try a Resync

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