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CS50 resync for new mic


1) Place the headset in the charger (make sure the orange and red light come on).

2) Find and hold both of the triangle-shaped microphone volume control buttons on the back of the charging unit (two arrows labeled “+” and “-”) for 5 seconds, until the red power light on the front of the charger flashes.

3) Press & hold both the answer and the mute buttons on the headset at the same time until the green light on the headset begins to flash.

4) Take the headset off the charger and hold down only the answer button for 5 seconds.

5) Place the headset in the charger (make sure the orange and red light come on.)

6) Press just the mute button on the headset for five seconds until the green light on the microphone boom comes on solid.

7) Release the mute button. The red light will be solid, and the green light will disappear.

8) Unplug the connection to the handset lifter (if you have one) from the charger base.

9) Unplug the DCA (power) Adapter from the bottom of the charger. Leave it unplugged for five seconds and then

reconnect the lifter connection and the DCA Adapter.

The headset should work now.

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