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CS540 Removing/adding/changing wearing style

Changing headset configuration

Changing/Removing earloop

  1. Gently pull the eartip from the headset. Rotate the earloop down 90 degrees.
    1. Note: You will feel resistance when rotating, but this is normal.
  2. Remove the earloop from the headset.
  3. To wear headset on right ear, select the size and install in the reverse direction.

Changing/Removing headband

  1. Make sure eartip is removed, then hold the headband so it is aligned to receive the headset as shown in the picture below
  2. Rotate the headset up.
  3. To optimize the position of the headset, push the headset so that the microphone is close to the corner of your mouth.

And there we go, you can now change and replace your headband and/or ear loop. Go at it!

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