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CS70 (CS70N) FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide


Light Indicators:

On the Base:

A) Power light indicator (Solid Red)

B) Charge indication light (Flashes Orange when charging and is solid Orange when fully charged)

C) Talk light indicator (Solid Green when headset has been activated and is flashing Green when the headset is


On the Headset:

D) Headset’s indicator light (Flashes Orange once the headset has been activated – CS70N pictured)

Basic Troubleshooting:

If you’re experiencing volume distortion, constant feedback, one-way sound, or no sound at all, then first check that the cord connections are correctly installed. Second, make sure the compatibility dial on the left side of the CS70 base is set to “1” (typically the best setting). Third, adjust the microphone and listening volume settings on the headset, base, and telephone. If the sound quality is still unsatisfactory, then try the Resync/Resubscription instructions below.


1) Remove the headset from the charging base, press and hold the silver, (+) and (-) volume buttons on the

headset at the same time for 5 seconds until the orange light in the middle of the headset blinks, then release all

the buttons.

2) Press and hold the silver middle button on the headset until the talk indicator light (orange) blinks briefly.

3) Disconnect the power adapter from the base for 5 Seconds, then reconnect.


1) Start with the headset out of the charging base.

2) Press the volume up and down buttons (two arrows) on the back of the charging base for 5 seconds until the red

light flashes on the front of the base.

3) Place the headset in the charging base and the red power light will flash on the front of the base for 2 seconds.

4) Immediately press either the (+) or (-) button on the headset for 3 seconds until the orange light on the headset

comes on solid and then goes off.

CS70 Battery:

The CS70 has a battery inside of the headset that is hard-wired and typically lasts 2-3 years. If you start to experience significantly decreased talk-time, range, or notice that the headset is experiencing difficulty charging, then the battery in the headset is probably nearing the end of its life expectancy. If the headset is no longer under warranty, then you can purchase a new headset (CS70N Part # 72910-01 $129.95) and then pair it to the charging base.


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