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Discontinued Products: A Basic Guide

What popular products do we not carry anymore?

This will not be an exhaustive list, but more of a general informational guide of the once-popular products we don't have around anymore


  • Sennheiser DW Pro1 and Pro2: These headsets are cousins of the Sennheiser OfficeRunner, but are not convertible. The Pro1 would go over your head and cover one ear, while the Pro2 would cover both
  • Sennheiser HSC260: Almost exactly the same as the HSC230, but covers both ears as opposed to just one
  • Sennheiser VersaMate: This headset worked like the HSC230/260, but instead of just going over the head, it could also be converted to clip onto the ear. Now we only have over-the-head options available, at this time

  • Plantronics CS510: A single-eared (monaural) headset that is the counterpart to the Plantronics CS520, which covers both ears
  • Plantronics CS530: Another sibling to the CS520 listed above, however this one clips onto 1 ear
  • Plantronics Savi W710: This is similar to the Plantronics Savi W740, covering 1 ear and connecting to phone, computer, and Bluetooth
  • Plantronics Savi W720: Another sibling to the Savi W740, except this one would go over-the-head and cover both ears

  • AT&T Marathon: This was a strange headset that would connect to even cordless landline phones, which most can't. However, they stopped making it and we couldn't make them start again

Executive Pro
  • Executive Pro Chattaway: This was another strange headset that would also work as a phone. It wasn't too great as a standalone headset, but if you don't have a landline phone and need a headset, this would do the trick for you!

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