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Do we sell any kind of walkie talkie or internal communication system?*



Not really... BUT...

Did you know that you can pair up to 3 Sennheiser headsets to 1 base in Training mode WITHOUT connecting it to a telephone or a computer?

If you do this, it’ll function just like a communication system within the range of the headset’s base (up to 400 feet). You can hit the mute button on the earpiece when you don’t want to communicate with your coworkers and unmute yourself when you do. If you need to know how to do this, check out the link right below this sentence!

Directions on how to pair multiple mics to one OfficeRunner base

This was tested out with an OfficeRunner + Training Bundle at a nurse’s office. All you need is a power cable to run it and it stayed connected all day!

Now, if that isn’t the Bee’s Knees!

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