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Does the Leitner Quick Disconnect Cord Work with Plantronics or Jabra Headsets?

Unfortunately, no

Leitner wired Quick disconnect QD cord with compat switches

But why doesn’t it, you ask?

Well, the Leitner Quick Disconnect Cord is a cord with no compatibility switches on it. It relies on the compat buttons built into the Leitner headsets.

If you plug a Plantronics or Jabra headset into this QD cord, it will fit, but it won’t have compat that you can adjust. So you may get one-way sound or no sound at all, but it probably won’t sound good.

Unfortunately, we no longer have the cord with the proper switches to make it work. Sorry about that!

Time for a new headset?

Many Jabra and Plantronics Customers have made the switch to the Leitner LH240 Easy Connect Bundle!

Different phones call for different cords, so give us a call at (800) HEADSETS (432-3738) to check compatibility!

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