Headset Answers > Dude, Where's my Refund?

A Customer calls and wants to know where their refund/credit is, what do you do?

First, check the accounts page under “Returns for this Account”; next to the RMA # you will want to look at the ‘Status’ field to assist your Customer in finding out about their return/credit. Here’s a list of your options at this point:

Credited – Customer’s merchandise has been received back; for information on when and how it was credited simply click on the blue ‘Credit ID’ link under the ‘Credit Notes’ section of the accounts page. From here you will be able to see whether the amount was refunded or used as payment on another order.

Received Late – This means that the return was received after the expected return date (21 days from the date the RMA was issued). The amount of the return is now available as a credit on their account to be used towards future Headsets.com purchases; this amount will not be available to be refunded to them. If the returned item was intended to be used as payment on another order, this amount was removed after 21 days, and is no longer available as a form of payment.

Received OK – This means that the return has been received but the Customer is owed $0, usually because it was a promo item with a $0 value, or the item has not been paid for yet.

Received Short – Not all the items were returned, therefore only partial credit issued.

Outstanding – We have not received the Customers return yet.

So how can you help? Great question! Thanks for asking.

1. When giving the Customer their RMA#, make sure you also give the Customer the closest correct return address of 211 Austin St, San Francisco, CA 94109 OR 1854 Air Lane Drive, Unit 6, Nashville, TN 37210.

2. Make sure to let the Customer know the date we are expecting the headset back by (this can be found on the Returns screen under “Expected Return Information” and is 21 days).

3. Make sure the Customer is aware that they are paying to ship back their item. Please do not leave this issue unclear with the Customer.