EHS reset for the Sennheiser Panasonic EHS cable*



You can use the following instructions to reset our funny-looking little friend:

1) Disconnect power (and USB if in use)

2) Disconnect EHS cords from headset base, first Green then Pink

3) Disconnect EHS cords from Panasonic phone, first the RJ9 Handset jack, then the 3.5mm EHS jack

4) Put all dipswitches down (white switches in bottom right corner of the back of the charging cube)

5) Put EHS cords back in phone, first the 3.5mm EHS jack, then the RJ9 HANDSET jack

6) Put EHS cords back in headset base, first the Pink then the Green

7) Put power back in base

8) Put all dipswitches up

9) Put dipswitch 1 down

10) Test!