EPOS Connect e-mail firmware instructions to Customer

Copy and paste this text. Please don’t forget to add in any personal information for the Customer’s situation that is needed

Hi (insert Customers name)!

Here are your instructions for updating the firmware on your Sennheiser headset. 

For this update, you will need to have your headset docked on the charging base and your USB cable plugged in from the back of your charging base under the orange micro USB port to a USB port in your computer tower.

1. Go to the Sennheiser Software Page at the following link: https://www.eposaudio.com/en/us/enterprise/software/epos-connect

2. On this page, scroll down to “Download EPOS Connect for Windows” and click to download on “” (This is subject to change, but the important part is you download the file ending in ".exe"

3. Download and install the EPOS Connect program. Be she sure to create a desktop short cut when it allows you to toward the end of the download.

4. Open EPOS Connect and go under “updates”, where you see an image of your Sennheiser base, click “Update.”  Allow this program to run.  After updating, if you open the program again it will show the updated version.

a. If you are unable to click on “update” select “options” in the top right hand corner then “check for updates”. This will them prompt an update available.

5. When the update is complete it should be on version 175. Now, test your headset!

If the issues are still continuing or you are having trouble updating the firmware give us a call at 800-923-0018.

Kind regards,