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EPOS Connect for USB Dongle and Bluetooth Devices

For Sennheiser Bluetooth Headsets, EPOS Connect can be used to update firmware, and if you plug the Bluetooth dongle into the PC, you can change certain settings, such as default softphone!

EPOS Connect Settings

All of the adjustable settings for Sennheiser Bluetooth devices via EPOS Connect will come from the Sennheiser Bluetooth Dongle.

So, here’s what you’ll see when you plug the Sennheiser Bluetooth Dongle in:

EPOS Connect configuration settings

On the homepage, you’ll see a picture of the Bluetooth dongle and an invitation to possibly update its firmware (see photo 1):


We have seen this burn out Bluetooth dongles and kill them instantly. So, until Sennheiser gets this sorted out, JUST SAY NO TO FIRMWARE UPDATES FOR BLUETOOTH DONGLES.

If you want to update the firmware of the Bluetooth headset itself, just plug the USB charging cord into the headset and the other end into the computer with EPOS Connect installed.

On the settings page, you’ll see a single tab that says “Softphone” where you can adjust your default softphone settings.

If your softphone is compatible with Sennheiser headsets and EPOS Connect, this will give you the ability to answer the phone while away from the desk

Click here to see if your softphone is on the list

EPOS Connect softphone settings

Other Settings

  • Call control settings for supported softphones can be turned on and off by checking or unchecking the Call Control button
  • Select the “pause media” function to get your streaming media to automatically pause for incoming (supported) softphone calls
  • The Configure button goes to the sound settings for Windows to set your dongle up as the default device. However, we would NOT recommend doing this. This has been glitchy in the past. If you need to change your computer settings, we have some instructions for you here!

Time for a new headset?

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