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EPOS Connect For USB Dongle and Bluetooth Devices*

For Sennheiser Bluetooth Headsets, EPOS Connect can be used to update firmware (and remember-- if you need help with this, call up our Product Support Team 800-923-0018) and that’s about it! Plugging a Bluetooth headset directly into the computer via a USB cable will only charge it and give it access to firmware update. You won’t be able to change any settings because.......

All of the adjustable settings for Sennheiser Bluetooth devices via EPOS Connect will come from the Sennheiser Bluetooth Dongle.

So, here’s what you’ll see when you plug the Sennheiser Bluetooth Dongle in:

On the homepage, you’ll see a picture of the Bluetooth dongle and an invitation to possibly update its firmware (see photo 1):


We have seen this burn out Bluetooth dongles and kill them instantly. So, until Sennheiser gets this sorted out, JUST SAY NO TO FIRMWARE UPDATES FOR BLUETOOTH DONGLES.

On the Settings page (see photo 2) you’ll see a single tab that says “Softphone” where you can adjust your default softphone settings.

• Call control settings for supported softphones can be turned on and off by checking or unchecking the Call Control button.

• Select the “pause media” function to get your streaming media to automatically pause for incoming (supported) softphone calls.

• The Configure button goes to the sound settings for Windows to set your dongle up as the default device. However, we would NOT recommend doing this. This has been glitchy in the past. If you need to set your computer up to recognize the dongle as your default device so that all sound routes to the headset, go through the control panel or the speaker icon to get to the sound settings.

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