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Executive Pro Amp Setup*

Executive Pro Amp Setup

  1. Unplug the curly cord from the base of the telephone and plug that end into the back of the amp where you see the handset icon
  2. Plug the TEL cord (phone cord that came with the amp) into the back of the amp where it says TEL and plug the other end into the other end into the handset jack of the phone (where we disconnected the curly cord from)
  3. Plug your headset into the jack on the side of the amp with the headset icon
  4. Make sure the batteries are in right OR the DCA is plugged in (never have both going at the same time).
  5. Initially, compatibility switch should be set to 1 and A but may need to be adjusted.

Note: Does not include power supply. However, you can order one on our website using catalog code 1192


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