General Sennheiser EHS Reset*



General EHS Reset

1. With headset on the base, remove power (and USB connection if applicable) from the headset base.

2. Unplug anything under the phone and ACC port in the back of the cube

3. Unplug RJ9 cable from the headset jack of the phone

4. Unplug EHS cable from the AUX, 5 pin or other jack (depending on the phone model) on the phone

5. Reconnect EHS to the AUX, 5 pin or other jack on phone

6. Reconnect RJ9 cord to headset jack on phone

7. Reconnect EHS to the headset base

8. Reconnect power (and USB if in use) to the headset base

Note: Some EHS cords hook up differently from others. For the most part, if there is something plugged into the pink, then unplug that first, then the phone port. If there is only a phone port, then unplug that first, and then the headset jack in the back of the phone (followed by another cord, usually in the EXT, AUX, or EHS port)