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Guide to CS50/55 Switches: Compatibility and Volume

Plantronics CS50 and CS55 button map

There are several switches on the CS50. Here is a brief description of what each one does

1)1-2-3-4 Screw: located on the left hand side of the base station. This is a compatibility switch, similar to the 1-6 switch on the M12 / M22 / Vista

  • Most phones work on # 1
  • some Merlin work on # 2 or #3*
  • some Cisco work on # 3 or # 4

2)A-B-C-D Switch: located on the bottom of the base station. This is the Master Microphone Volume Control. A is the weakest, D is the strongest. Most phones sound best on B

3)1-2-3-4 Switch: located on the back of base station. This is the Master Listening Volume. 4 is the lowest, 1 is the loudest

4)+ Arrow and - Arrow: located on the back of the base station. This is the Fine Tune Microphone Volume Control

5) Two position - and = switch (Intellistand) aka “Auto On”: located on the right hand side of the base station

  • Auto On disabled: If it is set to - (one dash), we need to hit on/off button on headset
  • Auto on enabled: If it is set to = (two dashes), headset will turn on as soon as we take it off the base

6) Black Mute/Volume button: located on the back of the headset. If you roll this button from side to side it controls the listening volume. If you press the button straight into the headset and quickly release it mutes the microphone (and if you press and release it again, it unmutes the microphone).

*Sprint Protégée SP702 and 705 sometimes will work best on #2 on a CS50

Time for a new headset?

Many Plantronics CS50 users have switched to the Leitner LH270!

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