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Headset chiming, but the phone is not ringing (Phantom Chimes) sound that calls to me and tells me I have a phone I dream again?

What are phantom chimes: When your wireless headset gets ring detection chime while no calls are coming in. This can happen when you are on speaker or there are loud sounds near the handset lifter.

Sennheiser lifter chiming while no call is coming in - phantom chimes

How to get rid of Phantom Chimes:

1. Try to re-recording the ringtone on the lifter

2. If we are still getting chimes after re-recording ringtone using P1 try recording using P2

3. If still failing (or too loud in office), try the ORL12 Lifter Reset

4. Still getting phantom chimes? try changing the ringtone, or try using the external mic

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