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Headsets and Electronic Hookswitches for DIGIUM Phones

To set up EHS in phone

  • Enable phone headset settings through DIGIUM'S web portal
  • Preferences tab --> call answering --> Headset answer: Select yes
  • If needed Click “Submit” or “Save Phone Settings” when finished

EHS Setup in headset

  • Disconnect power from the headset system
  • Access phone menu option: Preferences --> call answering --> headset answering
  • Set headset answering to "yes", and EHS to "automatic." If needed, click "submit" or "save phone settings"

Restarting the phone

  • Click the Restart (option 6 of the Main Menu) to restart the phone
  • The phone will ask you to confirm the restart

NOTE: You can also restart your phone by holding down the 7, 5, and 3 keys.

Once the restart has completed, everything should start working correctly!

Additional note: Sennheiser not EHS compatible with Digium phones

For EHS phone must have Firmware 1_1_3_0_52406 and Earlier OR 1_3_0_0_53680 and Later

You may need to contact your phone / i.t. department If EHS does not function with the correct firmware and menu settings.

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