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Here's a handy letter to send to the IT department for Dual Softphones


Here are the instructions for downloading the Sennheiser headset software for your [INSERT CUSTOMER’S OTHER SOFT PHONE, NOT SKYPE FOR BIZ] If you, or your IT department has any questions, they are welcome to use the following information to give us a call. We’ll be happy to work directly with you or them: Product Support: 1-800-923-0018

Support Ticket Number: [TICKET NUMBER]

1. Go to the Sennheiser Software Webpage at the following link:


2. Once on the Sennheiser Software page, scroll down to where it says "Download EPOS Connect software" then click on "EPOSConnect_4.0.2.11.exe".

3. Install and run this program. Make sure your charging base is connected to your computer via the USB and your headset is docked on the charging base for this update. Reboot the computer after the update to get it to update properly.

4. Once restarted, open up EPOS Connect/Headsetup Pro and click the Settings tab. Under this tab, select your default soft phone as “[NAME OF THE OTHER SOFT PHONE, NOT SKYPE FOR BIZ].” Hit "save".

5. You should now be set up to turn off Skype for Business as a default (it will still work if needed, however). You should also be able to pick up and hang up [NAME OF OTHER SOFT PHONE, IF LISTED ON HEADSETUP FOR CALL CONTROL, IF NOT GET RID OF THIS SENTENCE] calls using the button on your headset.

6. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need any assistance with this process. We’re more than happy to help!

Best Wishes,


Product Support, Inc


Product Support: 800-923-0018

Fax:  800-457-0467

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