HL1 Overview/Installation (HL1 DISCONTINUED)


Here are some facts and tips:

- The platform of the HL1 actually sits underneath the telephone.

- The adjustable arm will slide under the handset.

- There is a screw that holds the lifter arm in place. To adjust the arm, loosen the screw, put lifter arm in desired location then tighten the screw again.

- It plugs in for power in the same place as the HL10, underneath the charger base right next to where the DCA attaches.

- The right side of the platform base is expandable for wider phones.

- The ring detector will plug into the back of the HL1 into a spot where it says “Ring Detector”.

- The HL1 must to have a Ring Detector to get the beep alerts.

- Right next to the “Ring Detector” hole, there is a spot that is marked “Accessory”. This is where a busy light will plug in.

- The Resub and Resync will fix the same issues as the HL10.

Right- The HL1 in use with an office telephone. Below- The Lift Off