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How do I change Between the Different Modes on the Savi?

Figure 8 Computer Mode button

Figure 9 Bluetooth Mode button

Figure 10 Phone Mode button

These buttons are used to change in between the various modes of use available with the Savi. Once pressed, the headset will open a line/audio channel and begin flashing white on the mic. Depending on the circumstances, you won’t necessarily hear a dial tone until you’ve dialed from your phone The lights on the buttons will vary:


Orange light: Initiating a connection. If the light never changes from this color, then no connection could be established.


Green light: Connection is established and active.


Red (flashing) light: Stand by connection -- You may freely flip between modes on the Savi, and it will place the other call on standby (please note, this is not hold, the Customer will hear silence).

Example: If you’re on a call via Bluetooth and you receive a call on your desk phone, you can press the phone mode button (it will turn green) and it will place the Bluetooth call on standby (red flashing) and allow the Customer to answer the incoming phone call.

-Please note: If you are on a call and a second call comes in from one of the other devices, you can flash (answer) to the second call by pressing the headset volume button up or down for 1.5 seconds. This will put the first call on hold while answering the incoming call.

Flash between calls: During a call, long press the volume button up or down for 1.5 seconds

Conferencing Two Calls:

You can combine the audio of any two modes by simultaneously holding the base buttons of any two of the three base buttons until the LEDs become solid green.

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