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How do I Change the Ringtone on a Nortel Phone?

Disclaimer: We highly suggest you reach out to your phone provider or IT department before making changes to your phone, as some changes can affect other areas in unexpected ways.

Having trouble programming your Sennheiser handset lifter’s ring detection on your Nortel / Norstar / Aastra Phone? This can be really useful if you are trying to program an ORL12 handset lifter and can’t get it to cooperate!

For Most Nortel Phones, to change your Ring Type

1. Press the Feature button (soft key), then * 6

2. Press the number keys 1 – 4 to hear the different ring types

3. Press the OK soft key when you hear your desired ring

4. Select Ringer 1 or Ringer 4

Some Nortel models such as the 3900 series have an options menu where you can change the ringer type. Instructions below.

To Change Ring type in 3900 series phones

Hit Options Button

Select - “Ring type”. . . from the Options List menu;

1. Use the Navigation Keys to scroll through the list of ring types

2. Press the Play Key to sample a ring tone

3. Press the Select Key to activate the desired ring type (M3903 and M3904)

Press the Done Key to save changes. Press the Quit Key or Options Key to exit

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