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How do I Connect the HL10?

The HL10 attaches to the left hand side of the Customer's phone, underneath the handle of the telephone Handset. (see picture at bottom

How does it attach to the phone? There are three strips of sticky tape located on the bottom of the lifter.

These hold it securely to the phone.

How does it connect to the wireless headset? There is one connector cord that stretches between the HL10 and the headset base station. This cord plugs into the bottom of the base in a jack located right next to where the

DC Adapter plugs in. Be sure to push the HL10 connector cord plug into the bottom of the base so that it is very tight (should snap in place).

Otherwise it will not make a good connection and the HL10 will not work.

This connection is responsible for powering and controlling the HL10.

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