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How do I Connect the Sennheiser Amp (UI760) to my Computer?

Sennheiser UI760 amplifier for wired headsets

Solution: The Sennheiser CUIPC-1 RJ9 to Computer Analog Connector Cord

Connects the UI 760 amplifier to your computer with dual RJ9 to 3.5mm analog connectors. Also allows you to use your office telephone headset and amplfier with your computer.

How About a USB connection?

Solution: Order the Sennheiser UUSB7 USB to modular plug RJ9 (Not available through us)

For direct connection of a Sennheiser UI770 / UI760 amplifier into a PC via USB (for Sennheiser headset products). USB plug on one end, modular plug RJ9 on the other end (sound card is inside the USB plug).

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