How do I do a Factory Reset on the MB Pro 1/2?*

How do I do a factory reset on the MB Pro 1 headset?

The steps to perform a factory reset on the MB Pro 1 & MB Pro 2 are as follows:

*Please note this reset should be performed when the headset is NOT plugged into the charging cable or on the charging stand.*

1) Turn the headset off.

2) Press and hold the multi function button until the LED flashes RED & BLUE (ie: Pairing Mode).

3) Simultaneously press and hold the multi function button and the audio button (volume control button-press the button to mute headset and hold) for five (5) seconds and the LED flashes PURPLE three (3) times then starts flashing RED & BLUE.

4) The headset has been reset.

A factory reset is good is if you get interference or even if you need to clear all paired devices.

If you interference, it could be environmental. You may want to try Bluetooth in a completely different area such as home or even in the vehicle. If interference still happening then try to use a completely different blue tooth device. Process of elimination helps narrow things down to find the cause of the problem