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How do I find recorded calls stored by my Digital Call Logger?

So you’ve set up your logger and started recording calls... but wait-- where do they go once they save?

Here is the answer:

The Digital Call Logger creates its own drive in the Computer section of your PC.

To get there, go to Start --> Computer--> LogFiles

According to Photo 2, this is the D drive, but it may vary from PC to PC.

digital call logger call locations in computer

Once you’re in the LogFiles drive, you should be able to find your recorded calls. They have date and time information under their “Date Modified” field (see photo) to help you figure out which call is which.

Digital call logger computer location

For sending, since they are so large, you may have to use a file-sharing system like GoogleDrive or DropBox. They are much too big for most email programs to attach.

That’s it for finding your call logger recorded calls, kids! Happy recording!

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