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How do I Find the Control Panel in Windows 8?*

Help! I have Windows 8 and I need to find the Control Panel! Where is it?

Haha, Windows 8! So much fun that Windows 8!


*Go to the bottom right side of the screen.

*Right-click on the speaker icon and select “Playback Devices.”

*This will open your sound settings pop-up window.

For the CONTROL PANEL in general:

*Go to the bottom left of your screen and click the white down arrow (seen in Photo 1) to open up the big list of programs.

*Scroll all the way to the right to view the Windows System section.

* Select the Control Panel.

*If you are only seeing about 10 categories in the Control Panel, go to the top right and change the View By drop down from “Categories” to “Large Icons”

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