How do I Get my Bluetooth Headset into Pairing Mode?

With most of the bluetooth headsets that we carry.

For instructions on pairing the Presence see article #1963

1. Start with the headset in the off position.

2. Press and hold (approx 4 sec) the on/off button on the headset until headset flashes


(push it real good!)

Boom! Your headset is now in pairing mode.

If the phone asks for a password during the pairing process it is “0000”

This is also true of just about every Plantronics bluetooth headset. If these steps don’t put the headset into pairing mode, it may be best to get the Customer to contact the manufacturer of the headset for additional steps.

These steps also work for all of our Sennheiser headsets. Even the MB660 hasd a button you can press for 4 seconds to make Pairing mode happen.

*Note: Most of our headsets also now say “Pairing” in your ear to let you know you’ve reached Pairing Mode.