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How do I Get Ring Detection With my Shoretel EHS Cable?*



If a you are having trouble getting ring detection for your ShoreTel phone with the Sennheiser electronic hookswitch for Shoretel phones. Try changing ring tones.

Ring tones #2 and #4 work with Sennheiser electronic hookswitch for Shoretel phones. Make sure phone ringer volume is loud enough.

Headset bonus! You can tell which incoming line is ringing.

The chime sounds slightly different for ringtone 2 or 4

Changing ring tone

• Step 1 press options, enter your password, and press the ok soft key.

• Step 2 scroll to select the change ring option.

• Step 3 press the edit soft key.

• Step 4 use the scroll button to select the ring you want to hear, (ring Tones #2 or #4) then press the ring soft key to hear the selected ring tone.

• Step 5 press the ok soft key when you’ve chosen the ring you want. Then press the done soft key.

PS: Ring Tone 4 sounds terrible, always recommend Ring Tone 2.

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