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How do I Hook up my Plantronics Y-Cord Training Cable?

I have this nifty y-shaped training cable from Plantronics for my corded headsets! How do I hook it up?

How to hook up the Plantronics Quick Disconnect Y-Training Cord (Cat #1232)

*For this, they only need 1 Quick Disconnect cord! It plugs in to one of the QD snaps that is NOT red then plugs into the headset jack of the telephone or the headset jack of amplifier.

*Then the primary headset plugs into the other QD snap that is not red and the guest headset plugs into the red one.

*The red button is a switcher button for speaking sound between the two headsets! SUPER handy for training! You can either mute the primary or secondary headset.

Please note that both headsets can hear calls at all times but only one headset can speak at one time with this cable!

This works with any Plantronics quick disconnect headset!

For Sennheiser and Leitner headsets, please buy the Y-cord for their specific brand!

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