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How do I Install my RHL1000 Handset Lifter to my Telephone (DISCONTINUED)

The RHL 1000 handset lifter accessory will plug into the aux port on the bottom of the cordless or wireless headset base unit. This aux port may be covered with a rubber a round stan or cap at time of purchase. If so, simply remove the stand or cap.

The lifter rests beneath the telephone handset and against the side of the telephone. It can be attached with double sided adhesive strips (included) or velcro. Before attaching the adhesive, please be sure that the lifter is properly positioned on the phone.

To check positioning:

1. hold the lifter in place on your phone.

2. press the talk button on your headset to raise and lower the handset.

3 make sure that the handset lifts completely off of your phone’s “hang-up” button, and lowers / hangs up properly.

When the lifter is properly posistioned, the adhesive strips can be used to mount the lifter permanently to your telephone.

Please note that the RHL1000 includes a height adjustment switch. This switch is located just above the lift lever, it is marked with “ + “ and “-” signs. Moving this switch towards the positive sign will raise the lifter higher, while moving the switch towards the negative sign will cause the lifter to lift lower. The lifter bar itself has the capability to extend. To do this, pull the bar towards the right to extend an additional two inches.

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