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How do I... on my Plantronics Voyager Legend?

Let’s start by saying that all of this information was stolen from this sweet 5 minute YouTube video!

Disclaimer: We no longer sell this headset, so we do not have much information about it aside from what is in this article.


Plantronics Voyager call button

ON/OFF: Use the slide switch on the back of the headset to power the headset on. This is just above the charging contacts.

VOLUME: To adjust volume, use the Volume Up/Down switch. This is the top button on the back of the headset labeled + and -.

MUTE: To mute a call, hit the Voice Recognition Button during a call (that’s the button in Photo 2). Tap it again to unmute yourself.

ANSWER/END CALLS: To answer calls, hit the Answer Call button on the headset. This is the large button on the outside of the headset (See Photo 1). To end a call, tap the same button.


HOW: You can charge this on the charging stand, in the case, and on the USB charging cable. SO MANY CHOICES!

WHERE: The magnet for charging is on the back of the headset under the On/Off button. Simply match that up to the magnets in the charger you’re using and you’re good to go!

WHAT?!: The charging case can even hold onto a charge for you so that you can charge this bad boy when no electricity is about! Just plug the charging case into the USB charger to charge it completely. On a complete charge, the case can charge your headset 2x before needing to be recharged. Cool, right?


To put the headset into Pairing mode:

1) Power the headset on and Press and Hold the Call Control button for about 3 seconds until you hear “Pairing.” (See photo 1!). OR you can also tap the Voice Recognition Button and say “Pair” into the headset

2) The light on the back of the headset will flash red/blue while it’s in pairing mode

3) Now activate Bluetooth on your mobile device and set it to search mode

4) Select PLT Legend from the Bluetooth devices list and, if prompted, enter 0000 for the password.

5) Once successfully paired, the light on the headset will stop flashing red/blue and you will hear the headset say “Pairing Successful!”

Voice Recognition

Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset voice regonition button

To activate Voice Recognition, first tap the Voice Recognition Button (see Photo 2!), then wait until the headset says “Say A Command.”

Your headset is now ready to hear your voice commands!

For more information about Voice Recognition with the Voyager Legend, check out this article!

Computer Use

PAIRING: The USB Adaptor is pre-paired to your headset. Just insert it into a computer and turn the headset on. You should be good to go :)

GETTING SET UP IN COMPUTER: It should also load to your computer automatically, if not, set it up as the default device in both Playback and Recording just like an OfficeRunner.

SOFT PHONES: If your Customer has a soft phone that needs call control, that may be possible by downloading the Plantronics Hub software!

Then, if it’s listed there, have them download and run the Plantronics Hub software from this link

Time for a new headset?

Many Plantronics Bluetooth headset Customers have switched to the Leitner LH370!

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