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How do I pair my TL7600 Marathon mic with an AT&T DECT 6.0 phone?

Do you have a Marathon TL7600 mic and wants to pair it to your AT&T telephone? Well good news, it should be easy!

**For these instructions, you will need to be on a different phone line (like a cell phone).

**For those with TL7610 units (Marathons) they will need to deregister their headset from their base before proceeding with the registration instructions below.

AT&T Marathon without pair button

De-register Microphone if you do not have a “pair” button on the base:

1) Unplug the power

2) Remove headset from base

3) Press the following buttons in that order:

  • vol+
  • mute
  • vol-
  • mute
  • vol+
  • vol-
  • mute

The headset’s ON/OFF button should then flash orange and blue. You are now de-registered!

AT&T Marathon wireless headset with pair button on base

De-Register headset if there is a “Pair” button on the base

1) Unplug the tell wall or base jack cord from the base

2) Take the headset off the base

3) Press and hold the PAIR until the mute light starts to blink.

4) Then press and release the PAIR button once.

5) Once the headset is Orange and Blue it’s de-registered.

Pairing headset to phone now that the headset is de-registered

For the next step, the headset should be out of the base.

1) On the base of the telephone, find one of the following buttons:

  • *Handset Locator (or locate handset)
  • *Hold
  • *Menu

(Proceed to Step 5a for Handset Locator and Hold buttons. Proceed to Step 5b for Menu button)

5a) If you have HANDSET LOCATOR or HOLD button, then press and hold this button until the phone says, “REGISTERING, PLEASE WAIT.”

5b) If you have a MENU button select:

  • MENU
  • Settings
  • Registration.
  • Menu again to select Registration.

**Note: Sometimes there will not be a “Settings” it will just have “Registration” as one of the main menu options.

The telephone will say “REGISTERING, PLEASE WAIT” once Registration is selected

6) Once the telephone says “REGISTERING, PLEASE WAIT,” place the headset on the charger and wait!

In about 15 sec to 1 min, the blue and orange light on the headset will turn solid blue. The headset will then be registered to the telephone.

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