How do I put Leitner Wireless headsets into training/conference mode?

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Below are instructions on how to pair two Leitner headsets together.

Pairing Process:

  1. Set up the call using the primary headset.
  2. Once on the call, place the secondary headset on the primary headset’s base.
  3. The light on the secondary headset will turn on and the 3rd light on the right side of the base will flash to indicate that the secondary headset is pairing to the base.
  4. Once the registering has completed, the 3rd light on the right side of the base will stop flashing and the secondary headset’s light will begin flashing.
  5. Once the secondary headset flashes, immediately remove it from the charging base.
  6. The secondary headset should automatically connect to the primary headset within seconds of removing it from the base.
  7. Test to make sure 2nd headset is getting audio.




If you can’t get the headsets to pair no matter what you’re trying try this:

  • Turn auto-answer on on both headsets. To do this, hold down the + and - buttons on the headset for 3 seconds until you see a slow flashing light on the headset. Now try pairing the headsets again.


If that doesn't work...

  • Return the 2nd headset to its original base and do a resync there. Do a resync on the Primary headset. Now that everyone is 100% synced to their original base, start the pairing instructions above over.
  • This helps to clear any confusion the headsets and bases have from multiple failed pairing attempts.


Fun Facts:

  • You can only register 2 headsets for training.
  • LH280s cannot be registered to LH270, LH275, and LH370 bases and vice-versa. They are a different shape of headset and won’t match up to the bases.
  • LH270 and LH275 headsets can be conferenced with LH370 bases and vice-versa. It will work just fine :)
  • The headsets will stay connected until you turn them off or put them back in their bases. . It takes about 10 seconds for the secondary headset to re-register to its original base.