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How do I Resubscribe my CS351/CS351N/CS361/CS361n? (DISCONTINUED)

To resubscribe your headset or to pair a different headset to the base follow the steps below:

1. While the headset is out of the charging base push and hold in the volume up button on the back of the charging base until you see the red power light on the front of the base flash momentarily.

2. Place the headset into the charging base and immediately press either the plus or minus buttons on the headset itself until you see the small green light in between the + and - buttons on the headset becomes solid.

3. Wait for that green light to go out.

This is called Multi-Shift Pairing

To pair another headset to the same base, you must first enable the multi-shift pairing feature. This is also used for a new mic procedure

To disable the multi-shift pairing feature, press and hold the volume down button on the back of the charging base.

Please NOTE *** Only the last headset paired will work with the base ***

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