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How do I Set up my 9300/9350?

Note: Your Guide for basic set-up and use contains the primary set-up and connection instructions.

GN 9350 GN 9330 GN 9330 USB

1) Headset port

If your telephone has a port for headset, it is recommended to leave the handset cord in the telephone. Connect the telephone’s headset port to the telephone port on the base. This will enable you to use the call button on your telephone, if there is one, and will limit the number of cords coming out of your base.

2) Default Outbound Call mode

The base is default set for telephone use. If you want to use your VoIP application as default calling media, press the USB button for 5 seconds. If you want to change it back again, press the Telephone button for 5 seconds

3) Connecting to the GN 1000 RHL (Remote Handset Lifter)

a. Mount the GN 1000 to your telephone as described in its user manual.

b. Plug RHL’s connection cord into headset base’s AUX port. The GN 9350 enables you to use electronic hookswitch (EHS) to answer and end calls while away from your desk. NOTE: EHS currently only available in Europe

The remote answering and ending of calls is also available on certain softphone/VoIP applications.

The RHL setup.

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