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How do I Set up my Headset with my Computer Using the Zoomswitch?*


The ZoomSwitch allows you to connect your headset or telephone handset to your computer (through a USB cable) and office phone. You can switch between phone calls on the landline and computer applications including Skype, video chat, or music. The ZoomSwitch will work with all amplified wireless and corded headsets. Direct connect headsets (e.g. Plantronics Polaris) are not recommended as the microphone will not be recognized by the computer.

ZoomSwitch Setup (see Figure 1)

Step 1) Plug one end of the included RJ9 phone cable (1) into the “A” port on the ZoomSwitch and the other end into the handset/headset jack on the phone.

Step 2) Plug one end of the included USB cable (2) into the USB port on the ZoomSwitch and the other end into the USB port on your computer.

Step 3) Plug the existing RJ9 cable (3) either from the handset or the connector cable from the headset unit into the “B” port on the ZoomSwitch.

General Use (see Figure 2)

Press the Blue button (A) on the top of the ZoomSwitch to switch between phone and computer use. When the LED light (B) is Green, the unit is communicating with the phone. When the LED light (B) is Red the unit is communicating with the computer.

Troubleshooting Scenarios

Phone = Sound, USB = No Sound: If your headset/handset works on the phone side but not on the USB side, check that the cables are connected properly. If there is still no sound in the headset/handset, check to make sure that the ZoomSwitch is the selected default device in the “Sounds and Audio Devices” section of your computer’s Control Panel. “C-Media USB Audio Device” should be selected under Sound Playback and Sound Recording.

USB = Sound, Phone = No Sound: If the ZoomSwitch works through the USB side but not through the phone side, make sure all the cords are connected. If the issue persists, there is a possibility that the RJ9 cord connecting the “A” port of the ZoomSwitch to the phone is defective. You can test this by substituting another RJ9 cord (e.g. handset curly cord) in its place.

Handset Sound: If you are using your handset with the ZoomSwitch and find that you can hear sounds but can’t transmit sounds through the USB side, make sure that the ZoomSwitch is the selected default device in the computer. If this doesn’t resolve it, try changing the A/B switch on the bottom of the ZoomSwitch. Handsets are wired differently and the A/B switch changes the polarity opening the channel for transmission.

USB Microphone Volume: If your voice is too loud when using the USB side or the clarity is inconsistent, you may be able to improve the sound performance significantly by disabling the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) if your computer has AGC. You can disable the AGC in the computer by going into the “Sounds and Audio Devices” and select Audio Tab, then select Volume under Sound Recording, select Advanced. Then, under Other Controls uncheck AGC (Automatic Gain Control). After disabling the AGC, you may have to increase the microphone volume.


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