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How do I set up my Leitner corded headset to my Avaya QD cord

Set Up:

This headset will plug right into the HEADSET jack of your Customer’s Avaya telephone.

Remember to make sure they also have a designated headset button on the phone. If they don’t, they’ll need to program this in before they proceed.


**There is a compat switch on the headset and on the Avaya QD.

1) The compat on the headset’s quick disconnect snap is currently UNKNOWN. We recommend setting it to 2&3 to start with, as that’s the most popular Leitner combo.

2) The combo for the Leitner Avaya cord is ALWAYS either 6 or 7.

If you find out exactly what compat should be for any Avaya phone model please email with your findings!


It’s usually compat! If 6 in the cord doesn’t work, try 7. If neither of these are working, try the compat in the QD snap. Play around with the 2 compats until you get 2 way sound. (And please report your findings to !)

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