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How do I set up my MX10 with a CS55 wireless Headset?

The MX10 has been tested by Product Support with Plantronics CS Series Wireless headsets. Please use the following instructions for the corresponding diagrams:

Step 1: Connect the AC Power Supply cord provided with the CS55 Wireless system into the “AC Charging Jack” (on the bottom of the CS55 base shown in Diagram #1), and connect to power outlet.

Step 2: Take the black flat connector cord that came with the CS55 charging base and plug it into the headset jack (fig. 9 on Diagram #2) in the front of the MX10.

Step 3: Take the “Amplifier to Telephone Coil Cable” (fig. 9 on Diagram #3 showing the back of the MX10) and plug one end of it into the “Telephone Jack” (fig. 4 on Diagram #3).

Step 4: Take the other end of the “Amplifier to Telephone Coil Cable” (fig. 9 on Diagram #3) and plug it into the headset jack on your telephone.

Step 5: Plug the “Audio Device Cable” (fig. 8 on Diagram #3) into the “External Audio Device Jack (Mini-DIN)” (fig. 3

on Diagram #3).

Remember! Set the compatibility dial on your wireless headset to 4!

NOTE: This sort of old school setup was rendered obsolete years ago by the OfficeRunner and other headsets compabitlbe with Landline/PC.

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