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How do I set up the LA-11 Lifter with an Executive Pro Base?

In the box (LA-11/DCA - pictured at right):

A. LA-11 lifter

B. 3.5mm connector cord

C. DC Adapter

Special Note:

The Executive Pro DC Adapter is required to use the LA-11 as batteries are not powerful enough. When using the DC Adapter the batteries should be removed from the Executive Pro Amplifier Base.


There is no reset for the LA-11; although you can always try unplugging each cord and reconnecting them. If it still does not work, replace it.

LA-11 Setup:

Step 1) Loosen the knob on the LA-11 to make the clamp adjustable.

Step 2) Adjust the clamp so that it fits snuggly onto the left hand side of the phone.

Step 3) Tighten the knob which will secure the clamp to the phone keeping the LA-11 stationary.

Step 4) Take the 3.5mm connector cord and plug one end of it into the back of the LA-11 where it says “Lift


Step 5) Take the other end of the 3.5mm connector cord and plug it into the Executive Pro amplifier into the

unmarked hole right next to where the headset plugs in.

LA-11 Operations:

To activate the lifter, simply push the “On” button on the Executive Pro Amplifier as you normally would to activate the headset. This will then turn the amplifier on and make the lever on the LA-11 raise the hand-receiver (a red light will appear on the front of the LA-11 right above where it reads “Power”). To end the call push the “Off” button on the amplifier and the LA-11’s lever will lower the hand-receiver disconnecting the call (the red light will disappear from the front of the LA-11).

LA-11 Ring Detection:

This has automatic ring detection, so there’s not a lot to be done if it isn’t working. You can try the following:

1) Make sure the phone is ringing loud enough.

2) Change the ring tone to a lower pitch tone.

3) Ensure the Customer is using their power cord with the LA-11.

If this doesn’t work, replace it under warranty!


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