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Plantronics S11/S12 Setup

It’s super easy! Here are the steps:

1) Remove the handset cord from your telephone and plug it into the S10/S11/S12 handset jack

2) Plug one end of the short cord into the S10/S11 telephone line jack and the other end into your telephone's handset jack

3) Plug the AC power supply into the S10/S11/S12 power supply jack and the wall

4) Plug the headset cord into the S10/S11/S12 headset jack

5) Put on the headset. Press the headset/handset switch and pick up the phone's handset

6) Slide the configuration switch at the left side of the amplifier until you hear a clear dial tone

Note: that for most phones, the configuration setting should be 1 or 4.

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