How do I set up the Remote Answering for a Wireless Headset in my Shoretel Phone?

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Below are instructions on how to enable remote answering on your Shoretel phone.

Phone settings:

1) Press the OPTIONS button on the Shoretel phone, followed by the voicemail password if prompted.

2) Auto off Hook should be set to HEADSET

3) Headset type should be set WIRELESS

4) Scroll down to “Handsfree Mode” and either hit ENABLE or ON to turn this mode on.

5) Press Exit to get out of the Options screen.

6) Test out your headset! “

PLEASE NOTE that if you have a Hookswitch Cable, it will be respond to ring tones 2 and 4. Ring tone 2 is the nicer of the two, trust me. You can change this in the Options screen, too!

ALSO NOTE: that if you turn on Handsfree Mode you may lose the dial tone for the phone. This doesn’t affect anything with how it works, it’s just a strange thing that Shoretel phones do sometimes.