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How Do I Use A Bluetooth Headset With My Polycom Phone?

Certain Polycom phones have Bluetooth built right in! You should even get Remote Answering (the ability to answer the phone while away from the desk)!

Here’s how to set it up:

1) Press the Home button on the upper right side of the phone

2) Go to Settings, then Basic, then scroll to Option 12: Bluetooth Settings and select it

3) Tap 1, Bluetooth Radio (Off)

3) Tab 2 to turn it ON (wait while the Bluetooth turns on)

4) Tap “Back “ and then Tap 2 MANAGE BLUETOOTH HEADSETS

5) Place the Bluetooth headset in pairing mode

6) Tap SCAN on the bottom left on the phone display

7) Once your headset has completed the pairing process, Tap CONNECT (next to Scan button)

That’s it, you’re done!

PS: To add, remove, or disconnect Bluetooth devices from the Polycom phone, tab the Bluetooth icon in the status bar (by the time display).

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