Shoretel phones are fun to set up, right?

Anyway, what you’d need to do is plug your corded headset directly into the HEADSET jack of the Shoretel phone.

Then, you’d want to pop into the phone settings to make sure that the phone is set up for the headset. Here’s how to do that:

1) First hit the OPTIONS button and put in the password. (It could be their voicemail password, or 0000, or 1234).

2) Select the following, using the “Edit” button to turn your selection dark gray.

-Auto Off-Hook should be set to HEADSET (not speaker)

-Headset Type should be WIRED (not wireless)

-Handsfree Mode should be set to DISABLED (not enabled)

Now save these settings and that’s it! :)

This will allow them to tap the headset button and use the headset.

Remember-- for Leitner headsets there is also compat in the cord! Have your Customer set it with the tip of a pen until they get 2-way sound.

See? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

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