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How do I use my Bluetooth headset with my AT&T Bluetooth enabled cordless phone?

These instructions are for the AT&T CLP99286, CLP99386, CLP99456, CLP99486, CLP99546, CLP99556, and CLP99586

The manual for the phone should come with great instructions on how to pair a Bluetooth headset with a phone. It’s just like any other set-up, you put the AT&T phone in search to scan for the headset. You put the headset in pairing mode. BAM! They connect! But if there’s still no sound in the headset...

1. Press home on the telephone base

2. The screen will show an “Options” soft key in the lower right corner

3. Press that and select “Use BT Headsets"

Note: this will route ALL calls and sounds to the headset until this mode is turned back OFF. It will turn off all of the cordless phones, basically! So, if you need to be able to go back and forth, you need to set the phone to “Use BT Headsets” when you’re using the headset and back to the cordless phones when you’re no longer using the headset.

The headset will now be able to pick up calls, hang up calls, etc.... but you can’t easily go back and forth between the cordless phones and the headset like other brands’ Bluetooth phones.

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