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How do the CA12CD & CA12CD-S work? Is there a wireless option for 6-wire dispatch applications?

Controls and features on CA12CD & CA12CD-S are the same. Only difference is CA12CD-S is compat with both H & HW Series headsets vs CA12CD is compat with H Series headsets.

CA12CD & CA12CD-S are discontinued


The CA12CD is a cordless PTT (push-to-talk) headset adapter designed to provide encrypted communications and PTT functionality for 6-wire applications used by Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Controllers. It works with all H series headsets, and utilizes digital processing while operating in the UPCS radio band (1.92-1.93 GHz). The PTT switcher allows the user to select between lockable/non-lockable operational modes. The two charging wells allow both the remote unit and an extra battery pack to charge simultaneously allowing for continual talk time on the CA12CD. The battery life is approximately 8 hours.

Operation (see Figure 1):

Press the On/Off button on the top of the Remote Unit (A). The indicator will begin to flash green. Depress the PTT button (E) on the remote to generate a “key” signal to the console/radio which will allow the user to be heard. While the PTT button is depressed the green Talk Indicator (L) on the base unit will illuminate. Release the PTT button to hear the caller.

Volumes (see Figure 1):

The CA12CD offers a variety of volume controls for the sensitivity of sending and receiving audio. There are four adjustments overall, two for incoming sound and two for outgoing. You can also adjust the sensitivity range for the microphone on the bottom of the base (K) to emulate Carbon (setting 4), Electret (setting 2/3), or Dynamic (setting 1).

CA12CD Diagram (see Figure 1):


A. On/Off Button/Indicator

B. Listening Fine Tuning Control

C. Battery Pack

D. Selector for PTT Function

E. Push to Talk Button


F. Spare Battery Charging Well

G. Spare Battery Charge Indicator

H. Base Unit Power Indicator

I. Talk Fine Tuning Controls

J. Listening (Course) Volume Adjust

K. Talking (Course) Volume Adjust

L. PTT Indicator

M. Remote Charging Indicator

N. Remote Unit’s Charging Well

How to Pair a New CA12CD Remote to an Old Base:

The Base and the Remote are paired with each other at the factory

in a process called subscription. If you replace either one, you can

subscribe them as follows:

1. Press and hold the Subscription button on the back of the base. This is the small, round button right next to the power cable.

(Alternatively, you can hold both of the Talk Volume buttons on the top of the Base down.). The Base Power LED will begin blinking.

2 Hold the Remote’s Listen Volume Control in either the up or down position. The Remote’s Audio Link LED will turn on steadily (no flashing).

3) The Remote will subscribe to the Base, once the Base Power LED

goes solid. The Remote’s Audio Link LED will go out for a few seconds and

then begin to flash once per second, indicating that your

CA12CD-S is now ready to use.

PTT Mode: Lockable/Nonlockable

1. In Lockable mode the selector slot is aligned vertically. The PTT button can be depressed momentarily or locked in the ON position by depressing then sliding the button until it locks.

2. In Nonlockable mode the selector is aligned horizontally. The PTT button can be depressed momentarily when you wish to speak.


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