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How do you place calls on hold using the OfficeAlly LH370/375/380?

How to place calls on hold using the Leitner OfficeAlly LH370/380?

From Desk Phone mode: Just use the hold buttons on the phone. Even if you have an EHS cable or a lifter it won’t cut off the call once it’s on hold

From Cell Phone mode: We can just click on the phone icon on the headset base (even if there is a lifter or EHS). This will not disconnect the cellphone call, it will just place it on a silent hold. It will only hang up the cell phone call if we hit the ON/OFF button on the headset

If you don’t need to pick up a call on another mode, but need for your caller to not hear you, then you can just mute on the headset or on the phone.

Computer mode: Don’t worry about it! The Leitner won’t hang up on any softphone except for Skype for Business when Lync Mode is on, so it will just mute the headset and move over to the other mode

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