How does the "Auto On" feature work on the LH370/375/380?

Auto On = As soon as we take the headset off of the base it will turn on

Using headset with “Auto On” on:

Using with phone: If we have an EHS or Lifter it will Auto Answer the call as soon as we take it off of the base. If there is no EHS or lifter (or built in remote answering on the phone) it will ONLY turn on the headset.

Using with Bluetooth: If we have a call coming into our Bluetooth device, the headset will turn on as soon as we take it off of the base however it will not Auto Answer the call. We need to hit the button on the headset ONCE to turn it OFF and ANOTHER TIME to turn it on & pick up the call

Using with Computer: If Customers have Skype for Business it should pick up the call as soon as we take it off the base. If Customer has any other softphone it will only turn on the headset


Sometimes Customers won't know they even want auto-on enabled for their setup, here are some good reasons to use it.

  • Customer is used to a corded headset for their computer and keeps forgetting to turn headset on
  • Customer has mobility issues of some sort
  • They mention they don't like having to turn it on and off all the time

Basically, we just want to listen to the Customer, and if an issue they are having can be solved by not having to turn the headset on/off, try this out!

If you want to know how to enable auto-on, check out this article!