How to adjust the height on the ORL12 (Email)*

E-mail ready to send instructions (copy/paste). Be sure to insert Customers name.

Setting the Lift Height

“Hi (insert Customers name),

Below are instructions on how to adjust the height on your handset lifer.

Height Adjustment:

1) Press and hold down the P1 (1) and P2 (2) buttons for two seconds. The LED will flash red and blue alternately.

2) Release the buttons and the lifting pad will raise to the preset height.

3) Decrease or Increase the lifting height by pressing P1 (1) to increase or P2 (2) to decrease until you reach the desired position.

4) Save the settings by pressing and holding down both the P1 and P2 buttons until the lifter goes back down.

We can also send this link to our Customers. Check Out the Video!