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Audio Preferences in Skype with Mac Computers

In addition to Mac OS X’s sound preferences, Skype has its own Audio preferences that allow you to further customize how Skype’s sounds are handled on your computer.

You may prefer to have Skype’s sounds treated differently than other sounds on your system. For example, you may like music to be played on a set of external speakers but sound from a Skype conversation to be played on a headset. This sort of customization is possible using the Skype Audio preferences.

Using Skype Audio preferences you can also set preferences specific to voice calls.

To find and change Skype Audio preferences:

  • Open Skype
  • Click on the Skype menu and select “Preferences”
  • Click on “Audio”
  • To select an audio output device specific to Skype, choose from the “Audio Output menu”
  • To select an audio input device specific to Skype, choose from the “Audio Input menu”

Checking “Echo Cancellation” should help reduce echo in your voice calls

Checking “Gain Control” enables Skype to help reduce distortion that can occur from over-amplification of sound input.

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